Why Chocolate and Coffee make a great gift Basket

Gift Basket with Coffee & ChocolatesCoffee and chocolate gift baskets make the ideal present for Christmas, Birthday, thank you or a warm welcome. Whether for the coffee lover in your life that deserves a daily blissful break, or a professional relationship, coffee and chocolate gift baskets are the finest indulgence.

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Fix and Fogg PBNutty Goodness! Peanut butter doesn't get much better than Fix & Fogg's unique and scumptious range of peanut butters. This beauty is New Zealand made and is the best in town! 

Why Is Chocolate The Answer This Gifting Season?

carrier and cracker duo

Its an undeniable fact that we all love to indulge in some scumptious chocies on Christmas! But the love doesn't stop there. Here is Five Ways that Chocolate has changed the world, to reinforce that it really is the best food invented and the ultimate gift this year. 

Chocolate; the world’s favourite treat since the Ancient Mayans. This sweet. treat has had more influence on humanity than it may appear, with both psychological and economic consequences. How much has chocolate changed the world as we know it?

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