Baby giraffe pack giftBefore baby arrives, there is the baby shower - a way to celebrate the transition from Maiden to Mother. It's a lovely tradition that brings friends and family together to support the expectant Mum. It's not only about receiving baby shower gifts, it's about showing the new mum that she will have the support of a 'village' along the way.

There are endless types of baby showers from more of a spiritual experience, to a rip- roaring party combining both men and women. Whichever way you go, it's always a fun event, usually filled with mocktails, games, stories and little surprises for both the expectant mum and friends at the party. One such surprise can be the 'revealing' of the gender of the baby(ies) - if the parents have managed to keep the secret.

But no matter what sort of party you have, like weddings, baby showers are a happy affair, focusing on the mother and  celebrating the future. So if you are hosting a baby shower always keep this in mind. Some hosts can get a bit carried away with the details, that they forget the point of the event. I'm sure your expectant mum will be very happy with a few Chocolate Topiary Trees, mocktails, and games. The guests will take care of the rest!

If you are attending a baby shower and don't know what to get the mother (there's only so many size 'Newborn' nappies a mum can receive) we have a few cute baby gifts. Our Gift Baby Pamper is a popular choice especially if you don't know the gender of the baby. Then there is our Bumpa Baby Gift Bag which is a great choice, filled with gluten free treats for mum and wonderful Therapy products for bubs. if  We talked about our other baby gifts HERE 

If you are the expectant mum and someone threw you a wonderful baby shower, don't forget to thank them! It doesn't matter how much the host enjoyed creating the shower for you, it does take time and effort. A 'Thank You' is a definite must. You can either give them a gift on the day, or it may be better to send them a gift a few days later. We have fantastic options in our 'Thank You' section of our website. Some of these also fall under our 'Best Sellers' too

If you would like to personalize your gift - either for the baby or for the host, call us on 0508 4GIFTS and we can work with you to make it perfect.

Have you been to a baby shower recently? Did it have a theme or some interesting activities? Share below, we'd love to hear from you. Or if you an expectant mum who's recently had a baby shower, what was a highlight for you?