topiary tree

When the situation calls for a bunch of flowers (new baby, new job, 'I'm sorry', or 'just because') but you don't want to send flowers, we have the answer! Have a look at our Chocolate Topiary Tree or the Chocolate Pot Posy. They are in the shape of a bouquet but taste so much better!


These gifts are favorites! They are hard to resist, and even harder to keep all to yourself - everyone wants to try 'just one'. 


Here's a tip: The Chocolate Topiary Tree is a fantastic gift to send to the recipient's workplace (best if they work in an office setting). Can you imagine how many workmates will  just so happen to 'stop by' just to say "Hi"?  How many chocolates do you think will be left at the end of the day? If you are trying to make an impact, the best way is for lots of people to see your gift, so send a Chocolate Topiary Tree.


The Chocolate Topiary Tree is also a fantastic centre piece for weddings and parties - something for guests to nibble on while they are waiting. It also works as a great icebreaker at corporate events. It's a rare thing to find chocolates left on the tree at the end of the night.


The Chocolate Pot Posy is the perfect little gift for a new mum. Mum would be quite happy sitting on the couch feeding her new baby, while munching on chocolates from the pot. A nice little something to help her get through those first few weeks.


That's not to say flowers wouldn't fit the bill, but sometimes it's nice to think little differently, there aren't many people who will turn down some fantastic chocolate.


What do you think? Do you think the Tree or the Pot would work in place of flowers? What are some other great reasons to send them as a gift?