Why Chocolate and Coffee make a great gift Basket

The gift of pure relaxation – the best gift you can give. What could be more pleasurable than receiving a gift basket filled with fine chocolates and aromatic coffee? It is the gift of 20 luxurious minutes a day. Whether a thank you gift, a Christmas or birthday present, a gift basket brimming with chocolate and coffee is sure to be well received.

Coffee, like wine, comes in countless varieties, vintages and flavours, depending on both the qualities of the bean and the qualities of the roaster. The difference can be astonishing. Though coffee lovers will be well aware of the range of exquisite coffees available, we never buy ourselves the best quality luxuries for daily use. A basket of gourmet chocolate and fine aromatic coffee will be an utter treat for the right person, providing a luxury escape when it is most needed.

Gift baskets come in all forms, sizes and content combinations. If you know the recipient well, a gift basket should be personalised, full of exotic luxuries that you know will delight and bring pleasure. A coffee and chocolate gift basket is a luxury treat for someone that you know has rich tastes, and, in those circumstances when the recipient may not be as familiar to you as family or friends, a client, a tenant or a thank you for example, coffee and chocolate is a great choice; loved by most and appropriate for all situations.

Coffee and chocolate; the ultimate half hour off from life

The combination of coffee and chocolate is an absolute favourite. There are no other combinations of luxury foods that have the same effect on people. The rich flavours are just the tip of the iceberg. These two little beans, coffee and cocoa, have become completely engrained into cultures around the world, and often, we find it hard to cope without either!

It isn’t simply the taste either. We are all aware of the reinvigorating and reaffirming properties of caffeine, found in coffee, and to a lesser extent, chocolate, but fewer people are aware that the organic compounds in chocolate actively aid relaxation and reduces anxiety. Thinking about it now, we have all felt the worries fade as we tuck into a luxury chocolate, but it isn’t all psychological! No wonder that coffee and chocolate breaks have become an essential part of a tough day!

Choosing the right Coffee & Chocolate Gift Basket

GourmetGifts have a wide range of gift baskets, carefully selected to suit even the most niche of tastes. Combining a range of coffee’s, matched to a chocolate selection that will be most compatible with the rich coffee flavours, we are certain that even the most discerning of pallets will be absolutely captivated by flavour.

Our range is not only dedicated to mixing the ideal chocolate to the ideal coffee, but also they are aimed at a range of occasions, relationships and audiences. The Hanky Panky gift set, which contains premium coffee and fine chocolate truffles is a particular favourite for Dads and close family, mixed in with some fun items, whilst for a more sombre or professional take on the chocolate and coffee gift basket, the Time for a Break basket indulges in pure luxury. The Coffee Break Gift basket does exactly what it says on the tin; provides the gift of indulgent coffee breaks!

Whatever the situation, with more than coffee and chocolate gift baskets available from GourmetGifts, hitting the right tone, the right flavours and the right gift basket is easy.


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