There’s something quite special about giving (and receiving!) a homemade gift. Even the simplest gift can feel like a million bucks when it’s been gorgeously gift wrapped. If you haven’t been blessed with the gift wrapping gene, you may be wondering just where to start. Try some of these inspiring creative gift wrapping ideas that take gift wrap from drab to fab.


Doodle and draw

Get the sharpies or watercolour paint out and let the kids do the rest. Doodle, draw or add splashes of paint onto plain paper, magazine pages and old phone books; simple, inexpensive but totally delightful homemade gift wrap.


Eco-Friendly fun

Recycle and re-purpose any old paper, layering colours and textures. Try wall paper, recycled maps, old sheet music, tissue paper, or foreign newspapers topped with coloured bows and vintage beads. What about a personalised word-search printed on plain paper?


Fancy fabrics

Inspired by Japanese Furoshiki (fabric wrapping cloths), use a wool scarf and knitting needles, tea towel and clothes peg, or scrap material secured with a button or brooch for a fabulous gift wrap that’s re-usable too.


From bland to beautiful

Turn boring brown paper into glamorous gift wrap by layering it with strips of coloured paper or masking tape vertically and horizontally, and finishing it off with a paper straw flower. Try pasting glue to one end of the wrapped gift and dipping it into confetti or glitter for a burst of colour.


Wrapping for kids

When it comes to kids, think outside the box…literally. Wrap gifts in plain paper with crayons taped to the outside for your budding artist, or turn black construction paper into a speedway for a little car fanatic. If you’re super ambitious try building a gift box out of Lego!


Re-purpose and re-use

Used chip bags cut open along the seam, once clean and dry make shiny, silver wrapping paper. Add ribbons and a card or decorate with stickers or cut-out letters.


Delightfully decorative

It’s just as easy using everyday bits and pieces to decorate your homemade gift wrap – cupcake liners make sweet flower toppers, crumpled wax paper becomes bows, and wild flowers tied with twine transform dull wrapping paper into fascinating fun.


We’re experts in creative gift wrapping!  Using products from local suppliers we ensure the gifts we’re sending for you have that wow factor, and because each gift is different we’re more than happy to customise based on your very special requirements.  Contact us for more info about having your gift wrapped in a way that really resonates with that special someone (even your boss!).