A little while ago in this post we hinted about sending gifts to Australia. Well lets get into the nitty gritty. Yes, Gourmet Gifts can release you from the chore of organising gifts to Australia, and it’s very fast and painless.


We have fantastic connections in Australia, so we can deliver your special gift basket anywhere in Australia from Burekup to Brisbane. The great thing about this option, is that it will get there in a flash and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


The gift baskets that we offer have a built in delivery fee, so you don’t need to pay any more for shipping! How often have you decided to buy a gift and then realised that shipping was going to cost you twice the amount of the gift itself? We don’t appreciate it when it happens to us, so we won’t do it to you. So yes call it free shipping if you like, but our promise is no hidden add-ons when you buy and send a gift basket to Australia!


That covers the shipping, what about speed? Well there are some areas  - Sydney for example - where delivery is on the same day! (As long as you order before midday NZ time.) The longest your recipient would have to wait is 7-days. Not bad at all.


Now the good stuff - the contents. You have nine gift baskets to choose from and they will all go down a treat. They are Christmas focused, but it doesn’t mean that you can only send them at Christmas time - no one will complain. With contents from wine to nougat your gift basket will hit the spot.


Rather than reading about them on the blog - jump over to our "Gifts to Australia" page to see for yourself.  But here’s a little tip, you don’t HAVE to send the gifts you see on the “Gifts to Australia” page. If you would like to send a gift filled with New Zealand products call us on 0508 4GIFTS and we can pack up a special gift and post it from here in Auckland. There will be a cost in shipping for these gifts, but the good thing is the cost of the freight is somewhat offset by being able to remove GST since it’s being exported overseas - so win/win.


So yes, gifts to Australia will no longer be a chore, especially when Christmas closes in. If you do have any questions about delivery time, contents or cost, or any question at all, please feel free to get in contact. Call us in 0508 4 GIFTS or have a look HERE for our contact details.


So what will it be? Are you more inclined to send a Premier Selection basket or maybe a Festive Treats basket would be a better fit?