It's that time of year when it seems there are more new babies arriving than any other month, so it's time to plan what you'll buy the parents of these precious new babies. There are so many fantastic baby products these days, so it's hard to decide what the best option is - do you go for something tried and true, or do you jump on the 'new' bandwagon?

So let’s think about what makes up a great baby gift:

Get a unique baby gift

Something handmade or something unique is always a great option. You don't want to be the 10th person to give the baby a onesie with a #NOFILTER hashtag on it. So think about the people who are likely going to give the parents a gift, and see if you can stand out a little. Are you crafty? Then cute bibs that you can't buy in the store is not only unique but practical too - which takes us to...


Get a Useful Baby Gift

Depending on the family this little bundle is arriving into, the family may appreciate practical rather than whimsical. How many times is the new baby going to wear a 'newborn' size, rainbow tutu before they grow out of it? So maybe a few (hundred) boxes of nappies would be a better option?

Get a thoughtful baby gift

With any gift the most important factor is thoughtfulness. As long as you keep the family in mind about what you think they would need or love, then the gift will be wonderfully received.


Get something for the parents

When you have a new baby it's all about the baby, the baby gets all the gifts and the parents get all the work. So sometimes it's nice to acknowledge the parents themselves. They have quite a few sleepless nights ahead, so it's nice to include something for them too.

Our "Gift Baby Pamper" has something for both parents and baby. A soft toy, some sweet treats and a cute photo frame means everyone will be happy.

But if you are looking for something with just the parents in mind then maybe the aptly named "Time for a Break" would work better for them. Filled with lots of sweet treats and coffee(!) to help get through

the long nights and bleary mornings.

We have two new options that we have just added and they can be customised for either boy or girl.

You'll love our cute "VBub Baby Gift Box" filled with items such as Botty Balm, chocolate and a little 'VW savings van.'

Or you may prefer our other new baby on the block, the "Welcome Home Baby" filled with the essentials -- Sleep Balm, socks and chocolate.

If you like either of these gifts but would like to personalize it a little more, call us on 0508 4 GIFTS and we can help make your new baby gift perfect.

Do you have a 'go to' gift that you like to give new parents?