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Covid-19 Update


We want to care for you and your loved ones at this time, in whatever way we can. Our gifting services will carry on throughout this time, as long as we can continue to ensure the health and safety of our recipients. This is an uncertain time, and we want to keep each other safe, while allowing each other the joy of gift giving. If you’ve got someones Birthday or Special occasion coming up in the next month, we’ve got you covered!
This one woman show will be ensuring extremely high cleanliness at all stages of the packing process. We will enclose specific instructions on cleanliness practices to perform when receiving gifts. 
We will continue to offer Free Nationwide shipping on all gifts! All gifts will be shipped on standard courier (via courier post) ONLY, regular delivery times may vary. We will not offer same day delivery due to closure of our same day courier. We don't know these variations to delivery dates, so bare with us in the process. 

Due to COVID-19 our FLOWER SERVICES ARE CLOSED for the next month! We will continue to offer our gift basket services over this lockdown period! We want to help you care and spoil your loved ones over this uncertain time! Continue to celebrate the special moments in life, when you can't see your loved ones face to face. 

Please contact us if you have any questions over this time at


-  All orders are shipped via contactless delivery with Courier Post NZ 

- Outer boxes will contain detailed instructions on hygiene practices to be used when opening gift. 

1. Cut open brown outer box (preferably outside your home) but do not touch contents

2. Wash your hands thoroughly

3. Take out gift box from outer box carefully do not touch outside of outer box

4. Take Gift box inside your home and Wash hands (before opening). Leave the outer box outside.

5. Dispose of outer box - make sure to wash your hand throughly after touching box as to avoid cross contamination between outer box and gift box

6. Enjoy your gift and stay safe 

We want to ensure our recipients safety. As we are not sure who has handled the outer box during delivery process we encourage the recipient to follow our instructions above. Covid-19 can remain on surfaces up to 72hrs so ensuring you do not touch the outer box and then touch inner contents is essential! We hope you can enjoy your gift in this uncertain time. 

Stay safe, look after each other and wash your hands.