Welcome to 'Meet Our Friends'

A blog series where will dive into the stories of some of our New Zealand makers. We want to take some time to introduce to the faces and stories behind the beautiful goods that make our gift boxes so lovely.

Being a small New Zealand business ourselves, our hope is to showcase a range of the beautiful goods that our local kiwi's are making, complimentarily pairing them together to create beautiful and unique gifts. To curate gifts which are a token of your love, and which celebrate our local goods to creating a gifting experience not easily forgotten! We love honest, simple products that are handcrafted with love in the beautiful land of Aotearoa. 
We want to support our local makers, because we think us Kiwi's make some pretty cool things! And we hope you enjoy getting to know the amazing stories and people behind the products you are sending or receiving. 
Up first is.... J.Friend and Co. Get to know them and the story behind their artisan honey here. 
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