Love Is In The Air: A Guide To Valentine's Gifting

Valentine's Gift Box Pile

Love Is In The Air. Whether gifting is your love language or not, we have you covered with our love inspired collection. It's said a gift says a thousands words. An act that requires more effort and thought than a simple I Love You. Sometimes words just aren't enough, so we've got a range of gifts for you to give this February 14th. Why not take this opportunity to remind your special one you love them!

1. The Gift of Chocolate - Why fix what isn't broken! Chocolate is the tried and true lovers gift, so give the gift of chocolate this Valentine's. Nothing says I Love You like a edible heart, that tastes as good as it looks.

Spice it up with a modern and adventurous chocolate brand - Shop House of Chocolate's Limited edition V Day range for something special. 

2. The Gift of Flowers - Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue & I Love You. You can never go wrong with an iconic bunch of red roses. Whether your budget is $15 or $1000, a single red rose or a hundred is the perfect way to adorn her. 

Valentine's Day Roses & Flower Gift

3. The Gift of Words - They say sometimes words aren't enough, but sometimes they are exactly what's needed. We don't always say I Love You as much as we should, so don't let Valentine's Day pass without expressing your love, in the form of a letter. Words written that they can keep and return to across a life time. 

Love Letters Written In Bed By Women

4. The Gift of Wine - Wine not this Valentine's Day? You can't go wrong a delicious bottle from a local vineyard to delight in this Valentine's Day. It's a gift you'll be hoping they'll share. Treat yourself to a new bottle, handpicked by a professional that will make you look like a real connoisseur. 

Woman Drinking Champagne Vogue

 5. The Gift of You - Last but by far the least is your love. They say you can't buy time so give the gift of your presence, something you can't put a price on. We are each others greatest gift, a companion, best friend & partner to walk this life with.  Whether it's a night in on the couch, a walk around the neighbour hood, sitting together over a meal...or an ice cream. Give the gift of you attention and presence, because that normally all they love they need. 

Old Couple In Love Kissing

Happy Love day! A day to celebrate what makes us and the world go around! x



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