Meet... J. Friend and Co Honey
Jeremy Friend is a Christchurch based beekeeper, that has a passion for showcasing the delicious work of New Zealand's bees. Alongside his partner Sharon, they source honey with the help of New Zealand beekeepers, to produce a collection of Artisan honey and honey products.
With a heart to always keep the values of honesty and integrity at the centre of all they do, they only work with beekeepers who are certified organic. These values are evident in their range of beautiful, honest and raw honeys. Making sure to protect and showcase the natural taste and goodness of honey, that our bees have so lovingly created. Getting back to the simple beauty of honey at it finest! Working alongside the bee's to restore and preserve the dignity honey, as an artisan food, and so much more than a generic condiment. 
J.Friend and Co HoneyJ.Friend and Co HoneyJ.Friend and Co Honey
"Its's what we don't do, that counts"
We don’t overheat our honey
We don't blend honey from different regions or vintages
We don’t fine filter our honey
Terrior (we don't blend to ensure taste of place)
Carbon neutral

J.Friend and Co's honey and honey products are featured across our gift box range. We love their 'Cheese Pairing Collection' and 'Tea Pairing Collection' for the perfect tasting selection, that makes a special and exciting gift. 




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