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Woodsy Botanics is a line of small-batch, handcrafted products derived from a love affair with all things botanical and untainted. After years of research on the efficiency and quality of natural ingredients Woodsy Botanics was born. Woodsy focuses on showcasing our environment and emphasises the beneficial characteristics of the raw, unrefined plants that we are lucky to have growing around us. A real forage and create attitude was implored to craft our products from the wonderful world of the wild outdoors. Each ingredient has been
chosen to offer the greatest purity and most abundant level of nutrients. Here at Woodsy we love our land and we want to maintain and preserve it in any way possible. As consumers we have the choice to make more sustainable decisions that pay tribute and respect our landscape. Each item is packaged in a recyclable glass bottle and all ingredients are safe for your skin and your environment.

Woodsy Botanics SkincareSkincare

We offer a wide range of personal products to ensure the customers needs are met ranging from face cleansers, toners and moisterises to hand and body washes, lotions and scrubs.

Woodsy Botanics is growing organically and has seen a rise in both online customers and wholesale accounts in the last two years. We look to continue this growth meaning our products are more accessible to customers from all over New Zealand. With the rise in natural alternatives we will aim to start pushing out synthetic products from the household and encourage people to make better choices with lowering their household waste (in the
form of diminishing plastic and reusing their glass bottles) and by choosing products with better ingredients that are ethically sourced and cause no harm to the environment.

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