The Gift of Hospitality. Spending Time Around The Table

Dinner Table

I looked at the date with shock the other morning, It's July already! Time is a funny thing. Constant and never changing but yet some days and seasons it passes quicker than others. I find myself in the middle of the year, still barely having caught up with many faces. With all the disruption over the last few years it's easy to keep thinking this disconnection and lack of community is a symptom of the current moment. But in actual fact lockdowns have finished, restrictions are almost nil but yet the same disconnect and lack of connection remains. It's easy to let the days and weeks pass before actually catching up with those family members or friends. Yet this thing we long for most, is the thing we are so slow to return to. Community. So I've found myself returning to the table to connect again. 


“Eating, and hospitality in general, is a communion, and any meal worth attending by yourself is improved by the multiples of those with whom it is shared.”

-Jesse Browner.


The table has always been a place of community, a place of communion. Time taken, bread broken and a moment shared. In many ways it feels we have forgotten how to commune with one another, or just forgotten we can. This is the beauty of the table. A place where all are welcome to come, eat and be. This has always been a value I hold close, it has inspired the direction of Gourmet Gifts. This has always been at the forefront for me when curating gifts. At Gourmet Gifts we believe beautiful food can be made with simple and quality ingredients, by taking the local goods from across New Zealand to create delicious meals. For me gourmet food isn't this far off fancy thing, but taking simple ingredients and showcasing them with a few special touches. It's like that saying, nothing is better than simple done well. We see this throughout the local makers we stock in our gift baskets. Each following their passion for quality ingredients, traditional processes and a bit of uniqueness. Creating gourmet foods that will bless your mouth!


Artisan; “one that produces something in limited quantities often using traditional methods."


Our passion at Gourmet Gifts has always been New Zealand made artisan and gourmet goods. I love traditional makers, mixed in with a few who push the boundaries a little. For us it's always been about the supporting the little guys, because this has always been at the heart of how our family has approached food. Quality and simple. For this reason we have always searched out the best Artisan makers across the country to create our boxes. 

The gift of hospitality. There is nothing like turning up to a home cooked meal. Enjoying the care and love of another through the act of service of cooking and hospitality. A gift that welcomes people in, and nurtures. We have created a range of gifts made with the intention of hospitality. With the hope that in enjoying these goods people will find themselves cared for and nurtured. My hope is our gifts would lead the receivers into moments of hospitality, used to make a home cooked meal, picnic, afternoon tea or antipasto platter. Our gifts are curated in a way that they would be able to be enjoyed in relationship. With the purpose to care and nurture the receiver. 

Friends Eating Around Table

“Because it's in the nature of a gift, the offering and the reception, to create relationship and to overcome that which divides, one can't remain in the way of the gift and also definitively disassociate. When a gift occurs, we see ourselves in others, our very lives sustained by the grace of others, and we find we can hardly hold ourselves apart. The gift occasions communion, that wholeness for which we're all longing in one way or another most of the time.”
David Dark 


So may you join me in returning to the table, finding care and rest in hospitality. Leaning into community again, and rediscovering the gift of communion with friends and family around the table. Eating great and simple local food, creating gourmet meals and sharing time with people.

Send a gift of care, that will build and nurture your relationships. Give the gift of hospitality to your loved ones around the country, in this season. May they feel loved and cared for by one of our gift boxes, and may it bridge the gap, in this time of disconnection. Shop our hospitality range, inspired by the table. Send a gift of care today, with free shipping nationwide. A gift delivered direct to their doorstep, for them to enjoy at home, with others. Shop Now



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