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Working From Home

A Gift Can Say A Thousand Words

Reconnecting through corporate gifting in a time of working from home

It's been a tough few years for all in this pandemic, but as we start a new year it's a moment to reconnect. Covid has cause a distance between, whether that's due to working from home or communicating over zoom and email, instead of face to face. We are all feeling the tiredness and fatigue of the ever changing way of life. But still our deepest longing is to be connected to others. 2022 is a year to reconnect, rebuild and reinvest in those relationships around us. For Corporations it's been an ever-changing playing field, and although it still is, it may be time to reach out and reconnect. 
A gift can say a thousand words. It is a beautiful way to show care to your co-workers, employees, clients or members, that you still value and appreciate them. While we continue to face this pandemic, a gift box sent with contactless delivery to their doorstep could be the perfect way to show your care in this time. A box carefully complied with beautiful and local things, is a gift for all.
It ensures the recipient receives a quality and unique gift.
It ensures the sender gets value for money.
It supports the local makers of Aotearoa when they most need it. 
A gift box is way to keep morale up as we continue to work from home. The struggle of transforming your bedroom into your new office is the reality many of us never saw coming. 2022 was the year we'd been holding out for, with the hope of office life commencing. But again we find businesses and employees scattered across the city and country. But you can encourage and thank your staff for their hard work, with a care package. Bringing a sense of camaraderie through a shared experience. Organise a staff zoom while everyone enjoys their gift box together, bringing a sense of community in this time. A gift is a token of care to remind them of your appreciation and an encouragement to keep them committed to the business. We all work harder when we are valued and seen. A gift can be a display of recognition and appreciation, which will benefit all.
We know gifting can be stressful, but we are committed to taking the stress out of gifting. We want to let you rest as we take care of it. We offer a range of corporate gifting options, from bulk orders to fully customised gifts. Whatever your needs or wants, we are committed to sending gifts that embody and reflect your brand.  Let's work together the 2022, to send your employees or clients a gift of encouragement, recognition and appreciation.  
For all thing corporate gifting visit our corporate gifting page for more information about what we do and to get started. We look hope to work with you soon and dream up some beautiful gifts for your business.
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