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Why less is more this Easter... In more ways than one!

Easter can be an abundance of sweet, decadent, delicious treats. A overflowing abundance of wrapped chocolate delights, in different shapes and forms, filled with an array of sweet tasting fillings. But with abundance can come over indulgence, and with over indulgence we are left with a feeling opposite to the joy we first hoped to experience. That's why this Easter we propose the idea less is more. The idea less is more comes down to value. But the idea of value is perceptive. We must as ourselves where do I place value? Is it in the quality or the quantity? Is it in experince the product brings? Is it in convenience and cost or in the ability to support the local makers? This Easter we want to propose that value in less is greater than in the more. 
Quality tells a beautiful story. In mass produced Easter goods, we lose the thoughtfulness, the story, the uniqueness and the overall quality. We trade the quality of chocolate, taste, ingredients and packaging to save money. To be able to buy a bag of eggs for a few dollars, rather than one egg for twenty. But opting to buy products made the old fashion way we rediscover the joy and wonder lost in mass production. The unique story each creation has taken, before ending up in our laps....and tummies on Easter Sunday. We rediscover the satisfaction that comes from the taste of the worlds finest chocolate rather than the cheapest. And when we take a moment to see whats actually involved we begin to realise the value in handcrafted. 
Chocolate BUNNY
Our friends at House of Chocolate have stayed true to the art of chocolate making throughout the years, brining with it the experience of wonder and joy that comes from handcrafted chocolates. Each Easter egg is individually hand-painted with a unique design, then the mold is hand poured with chocolate, filled with goodies and glued together with more chocolate. Each egg is then finished in a bespoke House of Chocolate gift boxes, with their fun and quirky prints. There's a joy from this experience of unwrapping something that was uniquely and individually made that we can't find anywhere else. It's like a homemade birthday cake made by Grandma, filled with jam and covered in cream! No supermarket bought sponge cake comes close, in time, love or taste!
And with the unmatched value in experience from a handcrafted Easter egg, also comes with the benefit to local makers of Aotearoa. Supporting those going the extra mile to retain the craft of their industry. So this Easter their is an opportunity to regain the simple pleasures that comes from the old school way of doing things. Returning to supporting the local crafters rather than the mass produce companies. A decision to be conscious buyers in a time of hardship for small businesses in New Zealand, recognising the impact our purchases can have. Placing value in the support of local family businesses working away each day. Taking seriously the impacts our small decisions have on benefiting the wider community, making more worthwhile decisions. 
So we've opted to buy less and buy better, in doing so delighting in the quality of products rather than quantity. Buying less and recieving much more. 
Less is more. More joyful. More beneficial. More valuable. More.
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